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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

When young people leave Year 11 they need to be aware of the many and varied opportunities available to them. Through our CEIAG programme, pupils are able to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make well informed decisions.

We provide careers education through lessons within PSHE, off timetable activities and through either the pupils learning in ICT, Design and Technology or Business Studies. Other curriculum areas also contribute as appropriate.

For more specific detail of the organisation of our provision from Year 7 – 11, and for Year 12 and 13, please refer to our Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy.

For all pupils there is:

In addition, the CEIAG Programme includes:

In Year 7

In Year 8

In Year 9

In Year 10

In Year 11

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LCS Careers Library

All pupils have access to up-to-date and comprehensive careers material in the Careers Library which is located in S16 and S15.

The Careers Library is open and staffed during lunch times, Monday through to Thursday.

Pupils are able to seek impartial advice and receive guidance from experienced and trained personnel. No appointment is necessary. Referrals and self-referrals can be made here for one-to-one careers interviews and support.

Many of the "Be Inspired" careers talks are held in the LCS Careers Library over lunchtimes. These are advertised in advance to all pupils. To know more about the Be Inspired programme, please see the "Be Inspired" Programme.

For any further enquiry, contact the PSHE/Citizenship department at the school.
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"Be Inspired" Programme

Be inspiredThe ‘Be inspired’ programme is devised as series of talks, assemblies and events, such as mock interviews or helping on Enterprise Day.
Delivered by volunteers from industry, we try to tailor information about the opportunities of different work sectors and so inspire our pupils to be more informed and plan for their own future careers. We welcome involvement of employers in our curriculum across all subject areas.

If you feel you have the time, enthusiasm and expertise to help our young people raise their aspirations and be more prepared for the real world of work, do get in touch with the PSHE/Citizenship department at the school.

Many of our volunteer employers are parents or past pupils of the school, who have joined the LCS Alumni group. If you are an ex-pupil and haven’t yet joined the Alumni, please do follow the link below so we can keep in touch with you about events and opportunities that you may wish to get involved in.

For any further enquiry, contact the PSHE/Citizenship department at the school.

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What are Unifrog and Kudos?

These are two subscribed services that are available to our pupils and to their parents who want to support their child’s careers education.


Kudos is formally introduced to pupils during the Year 9 careers programme, although this may be encouraged for pupils to use as early as Year 7 for those who show a particular interest.

To find out more information about Kudos, click the link below, then click on the pink tab "What is Kudos?".


Unifrog is formally introduced to pupils during the Year 10 careers programme.

Pupils are given means of accessing these through allocated unique log in / registration details. For further details, please ask your child about these. If you have any further questions, please contact the PSHE/Citizenship department at the school.

To find out more information about Unifrog, click the link below to go to the Unifrog site, then select ‘features.'

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I'm a Young Person, What are Apprenticeships?

Click the link below to see an in-depth explanation of apprenticeships created by the Derby and Derbyshire Skills and Employment Board.

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Moodle – Careers help for Key stage 4 and 5 students

This resource is available for use by all pupils (considered to be appropriate from Year 10 upwards) and their parents, who want to support their child’s careers education.

It is an information page full of practical, useful advice guides that are all downloadable. Many of these resources we use in lessons with the pupils, so they may be familiar with some, but not all the documents. The documents include information and advice on:

It provides signposting to useful websites and a reminder to access the school Careers intranet page.

Accessing Moodle

Every pupil is able to access the LCS Moodle via LCS Gateway.

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Other Useful Website Addresses

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