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Welcome to Business

Business is part of the Enterprise Faculty, and is included as an option for KS4 and KS5 students.

The aim of the department is to give students a broad and varied overview of domestic and international business. We teach mixed ability groups and usually have up to 8 groups across the two years. We endeavour to teach in a varied and interactive way to involve all students.


Reasons for Studying Business

Studying Business develops transferable skills that will improve your employability and stay with you for the rest of your life, regardless of what career you choose or what role you have.

  • Knowing how organisations operate will make you a useful, adaptable and confident employee.
  • Good decision-making skills are invaluable. Business will allow you to develop the ability to quickly and efficiently make sensible, logical and informed decisions based on quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Your numeracy skills will develop as you study investment, funding and how to use and interpret financial data. These mathematical abilities are beneficial in demonstrating to your future employers that you have a logical, analytical mind. They may also help you control your own personal finances.
  • Understanding that organisations have to adjust to a changing market will teach you to be an adaptable, flexible person - an extremely desirable quality for employers. Most decisions have both positive and negative consequences and knowing how to analyse these before making a choice, will help you to gain the maximum benefit whilst minimising the costs.
  • The topics you study will enforce how important it is to be organised and to plan ahead. Learning how to generate marketable ideas, access resources and develop business plans all require a great deal of organisation. This is a crucial skill that will definitely serve you well.
  • Problem solving is a significant part of Business. Coming up with a business plan that works, adapting to changes in the market and weighing up potential benefits and drawbacks require problem solving. You will become adept at creating solutions to problems which may well help you in life as well as at work.
  • Presentation skills are really important so a subject that allows you to develop them is a definite advantage.
  • Many of our students choose to continue their Business education at the next level, whether that be from GCSE to A-Level (or equivalent) or from A-level to university.