Key Stage 3 Art

Topics/Skills Taught

In Key Stage 3 students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of media, techniques and starting points. Students have a one hour lesson each week with a specialist Art teacher.

Year 7

  • Baseline Assessment Unit. Students develop and are assessed on their observational and designing skills.
  • Texture and Boyle Family Unit. Students develop awareness of texture and mark-making. Through group work they develop a relief sculpture.
  • Lino printing and Aboriginal Art. Students develop understanding of symbols and develop their own inspired lino-print.
  • Colour and Delaney Unit. Students gain understanding of abstract Art and colour theory through awareness of two artists.

Year 8

  • Packaging Unit. Students gain understanding of logos, advertising and commercial image. Development of perspective drawing skills, use of media and techniques and ICT image manipulation.
  • African Mask Unit. Students gain understanding of the different functions of African Masks. They will design and construct an African Mask using mod-roc, and other materials. 

Year 9

  • Ed Hardy Unit. Students develop understanding of designing principles and use of symbolism.  They creatively and personally respond to the work of Hardy and Vanitas Art. They develop design and painting skills whilst developing their composition.
  • Culture Portraiture and Architecture. Students develop understanding of facial features and facial proportions. Students also develop understanding of architectural principles and cultural structures through a group sculpture.

Key Stage 3 artwork Key Stage 3 artwork Key Stage 3 artwork

Extra Curricular Activities

Key Stage 3 artwork Key Stage 3 artwork