Key Stage 4 Art

Exam Board and Specification

AQA - GCSE Art and Design - Fine Art Specification

Topics/Skills Taught

The GCSE programme of study is designed to sequentially equip students with the technical and analytical skills necessary to allow them to independently and creatively respond to broad topics. Students are taught by a specialist Art teacher and they have 5 lessons over the two week cycle.

Year 10

Natural Forms Unit

Observational studies using different media including oil pastels, water colour, pen and ink, mixed media, graphite.
Analysis and research into both a sculptor and artist who paints natural forms. Students will gain understanding of the elements and principles of design and insight into context and purpose.

Experimentation will include developing an understanding of design principles, digital manipulation of primary source photographs and painting experimentation. Students will also learn how to problem solve and reflect on creative processes.
They will develop two final outcomes; a relief sculpture and painting composition.

Identity Unit

Development of facial features in a range of media. Portrait observational study.

Year 11

Identity Unit Continued

Students will select an aspect of their own Identity that they will investigate.

This exploratory development will build on the skills acquired in Year 10. This personal investigation will involve the use of primary source photos, observational drawing, research into artists and experimentation to reach a final composition.

The final outcome is produced during a ‘Mock Exam’ and which is a product of their initial investigation. The outcome could be either two or three dimensional and in any media od their choice.

Controlled Assessment

Students will respond to one of seven topics that are devised by the exam board.

Students will have a preparatory period where they will produce work that meets the four assessment objectives. The outcome will be produced over two school days (10 hour exam).

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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

  • Artist Workshops
  • Art Trip to London in Year 10 visiting the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery
  • Optional Coursework Day during school holidays
  • Key Stage 4 Art club – usually two after school options provided

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