Key Stage 5 Art

Exam Board and Specification

AQA A Level Art and Design - Fine Art Specification

The A Level course is taught by two specialist Art teachers who provide a rich variety of art and design experiences before students specialise in their personally devised investigation. Learning will happen through workshops, tutorials, one to one discussions, group critiques and independent work.

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 12

Students will undertake two units of study throughout their first year enabling them to build up an impressive portfolio.

Transition Unit

Through the topic of "Transition" students explore drawing, life drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and painting.

Drawing Unit

Students will produce a portfolio of A2 sheets that investigate four topics. They will be showcasing both their investigative skills, visual understanding and their technical proficiency in a range of media and techniques.

Prior to the summer holidays students will begin devising their investigation into their personal area of study for Year 13.

Year 13

Personal Investigation

Students will continue producing a sustained investigation into their area of interest.

Students will need to produce a body of work that includes:

  1. Drawing in a range of media and techniques,
  2. Printmaking
  3. Use of painting techniques, including grounds.
  4. Analysis and research of artists and designers
  5. Research into conceptual idea
  6. Photography and image manipulation
  7. Designing and the manipulation of the elements and principles of design.
  8. Recording, justifying and reflecting on their creative and personal investigation.

Controlled Assessment

Students are given a preparatory period to respond to one of five questions that is set by the AQA Examination Board.

The final outcome is produced within a period of 15 hours in examination conditions (over three school days)

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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

  • Life drawing sessions
  • After school Art sessions
  • Art Trip to London in Year 12 visiting Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery / National Portrait Gallery
  • Optional Coursework Day during school holidays
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