Key Stage 4 Business

Exam Board and Specification

GCSE Business follows the AQA specification 8132 which has run since 2017. The full specification 8132 can be viewed here

The specification was updated to reflect the changing nature of business, incorporating more focus on topics such as Quality, Globalisation and Ethical and Environmental Considerations.

Course Content and Assessment

Topics/Skills Taught

The specification is based on engaging themes that will interest students and raise their awareness of topical issues. The content explores real business issues, how businesses work and specifically how the various departments are interdependent.

There are 6 units:

Business in the real world

The purpose and role of a business referring to enterprise and entrepreneurship and the dynamic nature of business including issues such as ownership, expansion, location and planning.

Influences on business

The importance of external influences, such as legal requirements, changes in technology, ethical considerations, globalisation and competitor actions.

Business operations

The function of producing goods and providing services.  Quality and customer service are studied, as well as the production processes and supply chain management.

Human Resources

The role of human resources including recruitment and selection, training, motivation and organisational structures.


The purpose and methods of marketing – such as the need to segment, the value of market research, establishing the price, place, product and promotion and distributing the product.


The workings of the finance function – sourcing finance, managing cash flow, using calculations such as breakeven and average rate of return and producing performance analysis.


This specification is assessed via two examinations taken at the end of Year 11; there is no coursework and only 1 tier entry. Graded 9-1

Paper 1

  • Influences on Operations and HRM
  • 1hr 45mins
  • 90 marks
  • 50% of the GCSE
  • Examines Unit 1, 2 3 and 4      

Paper 2

  • Influences on Marketing and Finance
  • 1hr 45mins
  • 90 marks
  • 50% of the GCSE
  • Examines Unit 1, 2, 5 and 6


Cadbury World Trip Cadbury World  - The Bourneville Experience

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We offer an education visit for the GCSE course. This is usually to Cadbury in Bourneville and their museum and interactive visitors’ centre mirrors most aspects of the GCSE course. We also use their education centre for a tailored lecture on Marketing.

Small groups of Business students usually take part in enterprise competitions each year.