Computer Science

Key Stage 5 Computer Science

Exam Board and Specification

A level computer science is taught using the AQA course 7517, which continues to develop the skills learnt at GCSE.

The up-to-date specifications focuses on the knowledge, understanding and skills students need to progress to higher education or thrive in the workplace.

For more specific information on the course content see the AQA AS/A-Level Computer Science Specification pages 11 to 65.

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 12

  • Algorithms
  • Computational thinking
  • Programming including object orientation
  • Data representation
  • Fundamentals of databases
  • Communication and networking

Year 13

  • Fundamentals of data structures
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer organisation and architecture
  • Functional programming
  • Consequences of uses of computing
  • Software development including practical project

Python Programming Python Programming Language

Extra-Curricular Opportunities