Key Stage 3 French

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 7

  • Basics- greetings, numbers, age, birthdays, colours, classroom vocabulary
  • Family and friends- pets, describing others
  • Where you live- house, bedroom, telling the time
  • Town- places in town, directions, shopping, eating out
  • Daily routine- school routine
  • Sport and Leisure

Year 8

  • Family and home- present tense verbs and connectives
  • Free time- using past tense
  • Going out- modal verbs, adjectives, comparisons
  • Eating and drinking-opinions and dialogues
  • Holidays and travel- questions, using a variety of tenses
  • Friends- conditional tenses

Year 9

  • Media- TV, cinema, music, reading, internet
  • Future- using future  and conditional tenses
  • Health-illness, healthy living
  • Imperfect tense
  • Tourism- booking accommodation, travel
  • A class project on Paris
  • Consolidation of all grammar covered at KS3

Extra Curricular Activities