Key Stage 5 History

Exam Board and Specification

We deliver the Pearson Edexcel History course, which is assessed with three examinations in Year 13 and a piece of coursework that is researched, planned and written during Year 13.

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 12

  • The crusades, c1095–1204
  • England and the Angevin Empire in the reign of Henry II, 1154–89

Year 13

  • Protest, agitation and parliamentary reform in Britain, c1780–1928
  • Coursework: The causes of the First Crusade

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

During Year 13, students visit London, touring round parliament for their study of reform in the 19th and 20th centuries and visiting the Tower of London for their course on medieval England.

We also offer the opportunity for Years 12 and 13 students to visit a conference, led by medieval history professors, to help deepen their understanding of the crusades.