Media Studies

Key Stage 4 Media Studies

Exam Board and Specification


Topics/Skills Taught

Year 10

  • Component 1 Section A: Exploring Media Language and Representation.  (magazines, marketing, print advertisements).
  • Component 2 Section A: Television (An in depth study of Luther series 1 episode 1).
  • Component 3: Creating Media Products. (Coursework). Create one fully realised Media text.

Year 11

  • Revision of Year 10 
  • Component 1 section A and B: Newspapers.
  • Component 1 section B: Video Games
  • Component 1 section B: Radio
  • Component 2 section B: Music including music video, online, social and participatory media.  

Harry Potter World trip

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

At the end of Year 10 the Media students have the opportunity to visit a fully working Film Studio by taking part in the trip to Warner Bros Studios (Harry Potter World). This includes a tour of the Studios and a behind the scenes educational talk.