Key Stage 5 Music

Exam Board and Specification

Edexcel Music A Level

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 12

  • Performing throughout the course
  • Composition skills and preparation of Free Composition
  • Appraising, study and analysis of Set Works within:
    • Vocal Music
    • Instrumental Music
    • Music for Film
    • Popular Music and Jazz


Year 13

  • Performance recording in Spring Term 2
  • Recording of Free Composition and preparation and recording of Technique Assessment
  • Appraising, study and analysis of Set Works within:
    • Fusions
    • New Directions
  • Examination based upon Years 12+13 Listening and Appraising.


Band at LCS Music Festival Brass Band at LCS Xmas Concert

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Concerts and Shows

  • Music Festival – by audition – July
  • Christmas Concert – all abilities – December
  • Music Platforms – classroom concerts (following a music festival)
  • Whole School Production – by audition – December

Enrichment Groups

  • “Urban Choir”
  • “Toot” Flute Group
  • “Phat Percentage” Funk Band
  • “Brass Monkeys” Brass group
  • "Exclusive" Funk Band