Religious Education

Key Stage 3 Religious Education

Religious Education lessons are taught in form groups during Year 7 and then in mixed ability teaching groups for Years 8 and 9 by subject specialists and dedicated Humanities teachers.

Lessons are designed to raise student awareness of the key teachings, beliefs and practices of religions and to equip them with the skills necessary to understand diverse religious behaviour, whilst exploring and developing their own view of the world. Study incorporates the key elements of Religious Education; namely the study of religion, philosophical enquiry and ethical decision making. Students are encouraged to question and challenged to think as they work through these.

St Pauls Cathedral Hindu Temple

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 7

  • Introduction: what is religion?
  • An exploration of personal spirituality, beliefs and values
  • Who was Jesus?
    An understanding of key events in his life and their impact on Christian belief and life in Britain today.
  • Philosophical enquiry into ultimate questions:
    • Does God Exist?
    • How was the World made?

Year 8

Year 8 focuses on raising student’s awareness, appreciation and understanding of the 3 main religious communities in Derby:

  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Sikhism

These religions are studied comparatively using the following concepts:

  • Origins and beliefs
  • Holy Buildings and worship
  • Holy Books
  • Pilgrimage

The year concludes with an ethical study of human responsibility for the environment from the perspective of these religions.

Year 9

  • Being agnostic about God is the only view that makes sense today.
    • Exploring and evaluating evidence and arguments for and against the existence of God.
  • A study of Buddhism – key beliefs and their impact on Buddhist behaviour.
  • The Holocaust as an example of moral evil and what we can learn from this awareness today.

Group work:

  • The Island.
    • Students work cooperatively in small groups to explore Rites of Passage.


Extra Curricular Activities

In Year 7, pupils visit Lincoln, exploring how the city has changed over time.

This trip is used as a basis for a fieldwork project, which is completed in their History, Geography and RE lessons. In Year 9, students produce work that is entered into the national ‘Spirited Arts’ competition.