Religious Education

Key Stage 4 Religious Education

Exam Board and Specification

We deliver the AQA Religious Studies course (8062), which is assessed with two separate examinations in Year 11.

Students have the option to choose which second religion, alongside the study of Christianity they will learn. The order of study varies depending on the choices of the class, but will always cover:

Christ the Redeemer, Rio di Janeiro Gurdwara, Pushkar, India

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 10

  • Key beliefs in Christianity
  • Key beliefs in a chosen religion of study (Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism)
  • Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Religion, Crime and Punishment
  • The Existence of God and revelation.

Year 11

  • Key practices in Christianity
  • Key practices in a chosen religion of study
  • Religion and life
  • Relationships and families

During the course of study, students will develop an in depth appreciation of religions and issues relevant to contemporary life. They will develop key skills in their ability to process information and explain it to show knowledge and understanding as well as an ability to effectively use their knowledge to evaluate and argue contrasting points of view.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

An ‘open door’ opportunity runs throughout the study of the course where students can come at lunchtime to seek extra help, ask question, revise topics or catch up on missed work.