Key Stage 5 Spanish

Exam Board and Specification

Edexcel new A level Spanish specification

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 12

Theme 1

  • Changes to Spanish society:
    • changes to family structures, the world of work and the impact of tourism

Theme 2

  • Culture in the Spanish-speaking world:
    • music, media, cultural traditions

Year 13

Theme 3

  • Immigration and multiculturalism in Spain:
    • positive impact of immigration,
    • challenges of immigration,
    • public and political reactions towards immigration

Theme 4

  • The Franco Dictatorship and the Transition to democracy:
    • The Civil War and the rise of Franco
    • The Franco Dictatorship
    • The Transition to democracy


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

KS5 Spanish 1 KS5 Spanish 2 KS5 Spanish 3