Key Stage 3 Technology

Topics/Skills Taught

Year 7

Thermometer Project

Students use Smart materials and Publisher to create and package a thermometer for a target market.

Cushion Cover

Students use felt to create a hand finished applique design. Students also learn how to use a sewing machine to make the cover.

Sustainability Project

Students explore the relationship between product design and the environment. Students work in teams to create an environmentally friendly product from a range of materials. 


Year 8

Clock Project

Students use artistic movements to inspire a clock design which is then fabricated from plywood. A working clock mechanism is then inserted into the product to complete the design.

Cooking Across the Seasons

Students study healthy eating, food hygiene and safety before going on to produce a range of dishes which use a variety of skills. Dishes include Pizza, Chilli, Cheesecake and Muffins.

Touch Light Project

Students use the laser cutter to produce a silhouette design which will appeal to the user. This is then back lit by a colour changing LED powered by a circuit soldered by the students.


Year 9

Cinema Snack Pack Project

Students develop their Publisher skills and make a snack pack container for the cinema using an iterative design process.

Speaker Project

Students use an existing circuit design to solder a fully working speaker for their mobile phone. This is housed in a laser cut housing which is decorated for the target market.

World Foods

Students look at different cultures around the world and their staple diets to create a culture food project. Students have the freedom to select their own dish from their chosen culture.

Pyjama Project

Students use Photoshop skills to create an original pyjama trouser design. They then go on to adapt an existing pattern to make a pair of bespoke trousers.

Desk Tidy Project

Students construct a desk tidy which incorporates a range of traditional joints and techniques. The completed desk tidies can then be decorated using a laser cut design.


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Extra Curricular Activities