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Beast from the East, again

By: Freya

			Beast from the East, again
Leaves that have been in the heavy rain.

This weekend we are forecast to have yet another snowy weekend. The weather seemed to be warming up, and now we are forecast snow. We are expected to receive lots of heavy rain in the east towards the end of this week, into the weekend, and, on Sunday, be hit with the ‘Beast from the East 2.’

This Sunday, another storm will come from Siberia, covering some of England in snow, and much of England experiencing wet and cold conditions throughout the end of the week and for the weekend. It is not, however, going to be as severe at the previous ‘Beast from the East.’

Weather maps show cold air around the UK, which will most likely cause temperatures to plummet over the weekend. There is a risk of snow in northern and central areas, and 5-10cm of snow is expected in parts of London.

As high pressure builds up over Scandinavia, we should expect easterly winds to pick up and, when the wind direction changes, the cold air from over Siberia will be blown over towards the UK and make conditions feel a lot icier than the actual air temperature, with temperatures of -4oC to feel like -7oC. This temperature is very far below the average for this time in March, which is around 9oC.

Although it is not expected to be as severe as the previous weather a few weeks ago, the Met Office is still expecting to issue snow warnings for the east of England on Sunday, and yellow weather warnings elsewhere in the UK, for the whole weekend.