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Goblet of Fire at Warner Bros. Studios, The Triwizard Tournament Has Begun

By: Heather and Chloe

			Goblet of Fire at Warner Bros. Studios, The Triwizard Tournament Has Begun
The Weasley Twins placing their name in the Goblet of Fire.
“This was my son’s first visit… loved every minute and having been myself before, I was very impressed with the additions that have been made over the past few years.”

Kazdaz, a visitor.

Save the date because on Friday 30th March 2018 the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios London - the Making of Harry Potter Tour - is opening a new attraction; the Goblet of Fire is arriving at the studios with more magic than ever.

For the first time since filming ended, this marvellous exhibition is making an appearance at the Harry Potter Studios. There will be live demonstrations that reveal to visitors how the paper notes were propelled out of the cup. There will be displays of certain characters’ outfits from the actual movie. Further to this, many new props shall be displayed that have only ever been seen in the movie. The Goblet of Fire, the central item featured in the film of the same name, will be positioned in the Great Hall set. This exhibition has been made possible since, during the filming, two versions of the prop were created; one original and one for special effects. The original goblet, featured in the film, was specially hand made by Pierre Bohanna (the head prop maker). It was specifically carved from a single piece of wood which had been selectively chosen for its striking characteristics including: twists and knots.

The Great Hall Set at the Harry Potter Studios

For the special effects involving the cup, a mould of the original was created and uploaded onto the IT software. Once there, the mould was perfected to the required shape and size. That is the way that the paper is shot out of the Goblet. Special effects were used to make those scenes as seamless as possible.

In the fourth movie, Cedric Diggory (a Triwizard Tournament contestant) enters the Prefect’s bathroom where Moaning Myrtle resides. In that bathroom, there is a central sink, where fifty three working, spouting taps have multicoloured water running from each one. Created by award winning Special Effects Supervisor, Jon Richardson, the taps are cast in real bronze for stability and durability on set. This tap model will also be appearing alongside the Goblet of Fire.

The 53 multi-coloured taps in the Prefect's Bathroom.

In addition, during the trip, hidden secrets of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will become unearthed in a presentation. This will display the process of how Voldemort’s costume – which looks ostensibly simple – was adapted to show two things; those two things were his strength and vulnerability amidst the movies. Furthermore, the boot that Portkey transported Harry, Hermione, The Weasleys and The Diggorys to the 422nd Quidditch World Cup will be joining the Goblet of Fire and the Bronze Taps.

In the past, new attractions at the studio have been released and were a major success. There are multiple reviews from satisfied visitors who arrived excited and left astounded.

Just when things couldn’t get any more magical, this new attraction reignites the Harry Potter experience.