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Facing Your Animal Fears

By: Jasmine

			Facing Your Animal Fears
Simon the "Animal Man" talks about animals and evolution.

The fascinating Animal Man came into school on the 14th March to show some of our year 7 students some of his fabulous animals to show some of our more timid students the beauty of these creepy crawlies

Amongst his collection were snakes, chinchillas, scorpions, frogs and giant stick insects. His goal wasn’t just to scare some of the students with the unfamiliar animals but also to raise awareness regarding some of the shocking statistics of extinction in relation to more familiar animals like pandas due to habitat loss.


One child, Leo Waring, who was terrified of spiders since the age of 5, overcame his fear by holding a tarantula. He was shaking and on the verge of tears but powered through. ‘It was soft and I felt really calm’ says Leo. He’s trying not to kill spiders in the future and treat them equally. His bravery almost drove the teachers to tears!

We are all very proud of Leo for facing his fears. We hope this can inspire you to be more environmentally aware and love our planet.