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What Can We Do To Help The Homeless.

By: Taran.

Derby has its share of homeless people and the bad weather conditions of late have made life even harder for these people to cope .We have had heavy rainfall this week and the snow that was really bad on Thursday the 1st and 2nd, has only added to the problem. Homeless people have few places to go during the severe weather so we should help them by giving them a shelter so they are not just lying on the floor in severe weather but are indoors and not getting cold.

The kind of things we can do to help them;

This Chrismas there will be 120,000 children homeless.

Mr Harding a homeless campaigner.

First off we can give them food so that they feel loved. We should give them money and could give small gifts like clean socks and hats, scarfs and gloves to help them keep warm in these severe conditions. We could turn old buildings that we are not using into homes for the homeless like in Birmingham they had turned their old central library into a homeless shelter for the homeless. Remember that the homeless have dogs and pets as well so help them feed them.

Mr Harding, a homeless campaigner, says “This Christmas 120,000 children will be homeless hidden away in hostels; sharing kitchens and bathrooms with strangers. Sharing a bedroom with the rest of their family." He says people could encourage those at risk of losing their homes to call their helpline, which is open 365 days a year for advice and support.