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Reading: Great or Ghastly?

By: Charlotte and Megan

			Reading: Great or Ghastly?
We got so excitied about books!

Reading is something that everyone does, but how could we get teenagers to read more? We interviewed Dave Cousins, a well-known author for teenagers. Some of his most popular books include: 15 Days Without a Head, Waiting For Gonzo and Charlie And The Misfits. When we spoke to him we asked why people should read, the response we got was not only inspiring but educating. Firstly he suggested that when people read it can inspire them and really teach them how to use their imagination. As we all know there is some teenagers that despise reading. How would you change their view? The easiest thing to do is find something they might be interested in. Here are the 10 most popular books in LCS:

Dave Cousins returns for another interview.

  1. Gangster Granny - modern day Roald Dahl
  2. Diary of a wimpy kid - Double down
  3. Wonder - Beautiful young fiction
  4. Diary of a wimpy kid : Third wheel
  5. Bad days
  6. 15 days without a head - a comedy in a book
  7. The hunger games - Action adventure all in 374 pages
  8. Harry potter and the cursed child part 1 and 2
  9. Diary of a wimpy kid: the getaway - how to have a disastrous holiday
  10. Diary of a wimpy kid : The long haul - road trip gone wrong

When it comes to reading it is probably not everyone's go to option, but with some persuasion we can get all the teens reading.

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How do schools get students reading?

We spoke to the head of literacy at Littleover Community School about how they get pupils reading. There were many things that they do here are a few.

At LCS they have the KS3 classes sit library lessons where they have the pupils tell the class what they are reading and if they are enjoying it. Years 7 and 8 have a library lesson once a fortnight and year 9 have one every term.

The school also have a recommendation list on what pupils can read. The teacher I interviewed said that if the pupils read it will help their imagination and it exposes them to good English. The teacher also said which I agree with is that when the pupils read it takes them away from digital hobbies.