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Parents don't want their children on Fortnite

By: Neave

			Parents don't want their children on Fortnite
A well-known consol that runs the game

Fortnite Battle Royale, the game that has taken the world by storm, Is a survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. The game was released in September 2017, on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fortnite is set in a contemporary Earth, where the sudden appearance of a worldwide storm wipes out 98% of the world’s population. Players consider it to be a mix of Minecraft and The Hunger Games. You can have up to four players cooperating on various missions on randomly-generated maps to collect resources and defensive objects. You can build fortifications around defensive objectives that are meant to help fight the storm and protect survivors. The game is supported through micro transactions to purchase in-game currency that can be used towards new characters and weapons.

Recently many famous people have begun playing Fortnite, as a way of relaxing between recording sessions and movie shoots. Yesterday, more than 600,000 people tuned in to watch rapper Drake and Ninja, top Fortnite player; play the survival game on Twitch (streaming service). Later on, the two were also joined by musician Travis Scott and NFL player Ju Ju Smith-Schuster. The collaboration is believed to be the biggest audience for a personal, non-tournament.

However some parents have found that their children are spending too much time on the game, they are also concerned that their children are speaking to strangers, which can be very worrying. Like any game with a fiercely competitive online mode, when younger players lose, it can make them very angry and cross.