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Do the Paralympics get the recognition they deserve?

By: Emily

We have won five medals and the games are in full swing, but in a poll of 30 LCS students, none of them knew who our medallists were-Menna Fitzpatrick and Millie Knight.

The 12-13 year olds were asked if they knew who Menna Fitzpatrick and Millie Knight were. Not a single hand was raised.

Are the Winter Paralympics given as much credit as they should be and are they celebrated as much as the abled bodied Games?

Millie Knight (a visually impaired skier) and her guide managed to win the first medal for Great Britain in these games. She won silver in the Alpine Skiing Women’s downhill and also then managed to win silver in the Alpine Skiing Women’s Super G, a slalom race that is faster and has wider turns than a giant slalom. “I can't stop smiling. It is the best feeling in the world I was quite nervous at the start gate but once we pushed out, it was purely about doing what we had to do” Knight told BBC sport.

Menna Fitzpatrick (also a visually impaired skier) and her guide managed to win silver in the Giant Slalom and then won silver again in the Alpine Skiing Super Combined. Finally she took away her third medal of bronze in the Women’s Super G. She said in an interview to the BBC: “I feel immensely proud of what we did out there, we definitely went out there and tried our very best, I was shattered by the end and we gave it our all.” after she won the silver in the Giant Slalom.

Many people are only interested in the Olympic Games and give as much recognition to the Paralympics. The Paralympians that cannot compete in the Olympic Games compete in the Paralympics and they deserve as much notice for this as others. Many more people view the Olympic Games than the Paralympic games.

This is our At the moment the Winter Paralympics are in full swing. The 12th Paralympic Winter games are taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea. North Korea and South Korea joined together as one country for these games.

This year our Great British team contain 17 athletes: In the Para-Nordic Skiing we have Scott Meenagh, For the Wheelchair Curling we have Gregor Ewan, Angie Malone, Robert Mcpherson, Aileen Neilson and Hugh Nibloe, in Para-Skiing our team is Millie Knight with guide Brett Wild and Menna Fitzpatrick with guide Jennifer Kehoe, Kelly Gallagher, Gary Smith, James Whitley and Chris Lloyd and in Para-Snowboarding our competitors are Owen Pick, Ben Moore and James Barnes-Miller. This year Great Britain have won 5 medals throughout the whole range of sports. These medals have been won by Menna Fitzpatrick and Guide Jennifer Kehoe and Millie Knight with her guide Brett Wild. Fitzpatrick has taken two Silver and one bronze and Knight won two silvers. These are all from Para-Skiing.