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What to Watch During Lockdown

By: Taran

			What to Watch During Lockdown
Lockdown TV

We have been in lockdown many times, and during those times I have found that there wasn’t much to watch. Here are four things you can view with both older and younger children on different streaming platforms.

Junior Bake Off (TV series)

Firstly, the Junior Bake Off where two groups of eight junior bakers (aged 9-15), head to the iconic tent to fight for the title of Junior Baker 2020.

Good points

  • Might get your child baking
  • Shows your child that if thing go wrong there is something you can do to make it right

Bad points

  • Minor bad language
  • Rude jokes                                      

Rating out of 10: 9/10
My recommended audience is aged 7-15.

Dolittle (film)

This film is about a Doctor who can talk to animals. Along with his furry companions, he embarks on an adventurous journey to find a tree that has never been found before, so that he can save the Queen’s life.

Good points

  • Funny jokes
  • The story is intriguing

Bad Points

  • The effects on the animals are very real, so your child might get scared.
  • Violence                                           

My recommended audience is 5-8.

Rating out of 10: 7/10

Hotel Transylvania (film)

In this hilarious film, Dracula runs a hotel for monsters (no humans allowed) and on top of that he has to look after his curious daughter when a human checks in. The unusual guests range from Frankenstein to a family of werewolves. Can Dracula keep the human away from them?

Good points

  • Funny
  • Modern take on old characters

Bad points

  • Rude images
  • Rude humour                                                

 Rating out of 10: 6/10

Timeless (TV series)

A historian, delta force soldier and a programmer go back to events in history to stop a man who wants to change history. Will they manage to stop them in time?

Good points

  • Fascinating idea and you learn many new things
  • A lot of untold history and people

Bad points

  • Violence
  • Some inappropriate scenes                         

My recommended age is 12 and above.

Rating out of 10: 10/10