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Be Inspired!

Be inspiredWe want you to take advantage of our ‘Be inspired’ careers activities.

There are numerous careers talks, assemblies with a careers focus and special activities to take part in, such as mock interviews (Year 11) or taking part in Enterprise events (we start with this from Year 7).
The opportunities are delivered by volunteers who are employers from the real world of work.

We try to organise volunteers to support our school from all different industries and work sectors. We welcome involvement of employers in our curriculum across all subject areas.

We want to inspire you to be more informed and plan for your own future careers.


Many of our volunteer employers are parents or past students of the school (we call past students ‘Alumni’).

If your parent is an ex-student of our school, please encourage them to join the Alumni group because then we can keep in touch about how the school is developing in lots of different ways, not only in careers education.

For any further enquiry, contact the PSHE/Citizenship department at the school.

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Careerometer - Live Labour Market Job Information

Use the widget below to find out information on prospective careers.

External Providers - Deliver Information to LCS Students

Are you an external provider willing to inspire and motivate students at LCS?

Be part of the ‘Be inspired’ programme!


We would like to invite local employers to our school to engage with our students and help us to deliver worthwhile, relevant experiences involving careers education and help promote work-readiness. We welcome involvement of employers in our curriculum across all subject areas.

Our students and teachers really appreciate learning first-hand about the skills and attributes that employers value and the attributes used in the world of work. We will be very grateful of any time you can give.

These opportunities may also be recognised as an effective experience to extend employees skills and professional development.

If you feel you have the time, enthusiasm and expertise to help our young people raise their aspirations and be more prepared for the real world of work, do get in touch with the Careers Leader, Fiona Came.

Careers for You

Can you help us?

Please see the "Careers for You" booklet below for more information:

Register to Help

External Providers - Offer your assistance by filling in our Online form (below) or filling in the form at the back of the "Careers For You" booklet and returning it to us..

Provider Access

The school's Provider Access Policy can be found on the main school website under Parents > School Rules and Policies > Policies.

Safeguarding and Visitor Protocol

Visitors to LCS are recommended to read the school Safeguarding and Visitor protocol before arriving.


Many of our volunteer employers are parents or past students of the school, who have joined the LCS Alumni group. If you are an ex-student and you haven’t yet joined the Alumni, please do follow the link below so we can keep in touch with you about events and opportunities that you may wish to get involved in.

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LCS Careers Library

Careers Decisions

All students have access to up-to-date and comprehensive careers material in the Careers Library which is located in S16 and S15.

The Careers Library is open and staffed during lunch times, Monday through to Thursday.

Students are able to seek impartial advice and receive guidance from experienced and trained personnel. No appointment is necessary. Referrals and self-referrals can be made here for one-to-one careers interviews and support.

Many of the "Be Inspired" careers talks are held in the LCS Careers Library over lunchtimes. These are advertised in advance to all students.

For any further enquiry, contact the PSHE/Citizenship department at the school.

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Post 16/Post 18 Pathways


After you have viewed the Post 16 Introduction Presentation, click a link below to navigate to the specific pathway information you require.



Apprenticeships offer a great alternative to full time higher education, allowing you to learn a trade whilst earning money.

The National Apprenticeship Week runs every year, but the associated useful resources, learning opportunities, interview and events are not confined to just that one week. The published date is rather a 'launch' for these opportunities. It is worth checking the site on an ongoing basis and linking to their social media if you are interested.

Use the resources below to find out more:

Apprenticeships Presentation 2020

Apprenticeships advice from the National Apprenticeship Service


The nearest Further Education Colleges to our school geographically are Derby College and Burton & SouthEast Derbyshire College. Their links are provided below. Both Colleges accept online applications.

Many of our students choose to attend Colleges further away - Chesterfield, Nottingham. Courses can be researched by students easily using their Unifrog tools. Every student is registered to have a Unifrog account from Year 7 upwards. Parents can also use Unifrog. See the separate information drop-down page within Student/Parent Resources.

Sixth Form

Choosing a Sixth Form 2020

Advice regarding choosing a sixth form from Mr Archer, head of LCS Sixth Form.

Luminate and Careers Derby



At LCS as well as Unifrog, we buy in expertise from Luminate Careers and Coaching and arrange for an independent, impartial, level 6 qualified Careers Guidance Advisor to be available for students. 

Students may 'self-refer' for sessions with the Advisor by contacting Miss Came, Careers Lead, but students are also targeted for guidance sessions by our Department. 

Luminate's website has a really good resource page which they are happy to share with you. When you click on the link, scroll towards the bottom of the page for all sorts of useful documents, websites etc. Specifically, there are two parts particularly relevant to the content of options (and there are links specifically to help/advise parents). Please look for the following links:

Luminate Year 11 Options
Luminate Apprenticeships
Luminate Post-18

Careers Derby

Careers Derby
There are also some really interesting useful Careers videos on this recently created Careers Derby Youtube channel that both parents and students will find helpful at different stages of need.

Particularly relevant to this particular page on Post 16 pathways is the video below:

What now? Choosing your next steps.

A useful video on Post 16 pathways from Careers Derby

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Student Careers Entitlement

Work Experience

The document below contains an outline of you can expect to experience in your careers education each year to help prepare you for the future world of work

What are Unifrog and Kudos?

These are two subscribed services that are available to our students and to their parents who want to support their child’s careers education.



Kudos is formally introduced to students during the Year 9 careers programme, although this may be encouraged for students to use as early as Year 7 for those who show a particular interest.

To find out more information about Kudos, click the link below, then click on the pink tab "What is Kudos?".



Unifrog is formally introduced to students from Year 7 upwards as part of careers programme. The platform is very extensive and detailed, so we introduce this in a timely and relevant way through careers lessons as students’ progress through each year.

Students are given means of accessing Unifrog through allocated unique log in / registration details. For further details, please ask your child about these. If you have any further questions, please contact the PSHE/Citizenship department at the school.

To find out more information about Unifrog, click the link below and click on the available links.

As parents, carers and guardians of students at our school you can also access Unifrog by setting up your own account. If you wish to do this, please view the information in the presentation below.

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Work Experience

Work Experience

In Year 11, students will go on a work placement for one week as part of their Careers Education programme. The placement week is usually towards the end of September/beginning of October.

Students begin the application process in November of Year 10 and have dedicated PSHE lessons to help them make phone calls and applications to prospective employers.

The Careers Library (S16) is open at lunchtime (Monday – Thursday) to support students in finding suitable local employers to contact and to help them write letters of applications etc.

The deadline for students confirming placements (done by completion of the Work Experience Agreement form) is usually the middle of February of Year 10. This enables students to get placements sorted quickly and gives them the best chance of gaining a meaningful week at work.

Important documents and helpful resources can be found on the LCS gateway via Foldr. Navigate to the I: Drive > PSHE > Year10.


The resources below are related to the work experience process.

Other Useful Website Addresses

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