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Littleover Community School

Information for Parents

This page contains useful information pertaining to the current school year.

Many of the files available here are generally a breakdown of the Information for Parents Letter which is given to all pupils in September.

Click a section below to view more information.

Appointments During the School Day

Parents are required to submit a form should they need to take their child out of school during the School Day. A copy of this form can be downloaded below.

All pupils leaving school during the day must also sign out from our Pupil Support Office and sign in on their return.

Assessment Schedules

LCS pupils are assessed regularly throughout the year. Below are the assessment schedules for the current school year.

Below is a document showing how Key Stage 3 grades are estimated to correlate to GCSE grades at LCS.

Charging for Activities

Whilst we are reluctant to charge for any activity at LCS, it is our policy to charge for certain activities. A list of these activites can be downloaded below:

Computer and Internet Use

Responsible Internet Use

Users of computers and the Internet at LCS must do so responsibly. Below outlines a list of rules for responsible Internet and computer use at LCS.

Dress Code

School Dress Code

Our uniform helps pupils to look smart and professional for school.  We ask parents to support our dress code.

Dress code items can be purchased from:

We strongly recommend that parents only purchase uniform items from the school’s registered suppliers as detailed above. 

Any other company selling LCS uniform is not authorised and therefore the quality or accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that in PE, pupils may have either the Sport polo OR the Long-sleeve sport/rugby shirt, they are not required to have both.


White school polo shirt with LCS logo


Black school sweatshirt with LCS logo


Plain black trousers in formal style

Trousers should be of a formal/tailored style and cover the whole leg, including the ankle. Tight or skinny fit trousers and trousers that finish above the ankle are not acceptable. (Please refer to pictures for examples)

Plain black straight or pleated skirt

Knee length to mid-calf length.  Tight or short skirts are not acceptable.

Plain grey, black or white socks


Plain black school shoes

Heels must not exceed 2 inches in height.  Boots, plimsolls/ballet shoes or trainers are not allowed.

All clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name


Sport Polo with LCS logo
Long sleeve sport/rugby shirt with LCS logo

Head coverings worn for religious reasons in PE must be close fitting in the style of a balaclava.

Red long sleeve base layer top

Optional (recommended during cold weather with Sport Polo)

Navy tracksuit bottoms

Optional (recommended during cold weather)

Plain navy football shorts


Plain red knee length socks


Trainers with cushioned soles that will not mark the Sports Hall floor

Trainers used for indoor lessons must be clean.

Football boots and shin pads for boys

Optional for girls.

Gum shields

Optional.  Pupils should seek advice from their dentist.


Apron (for both boys and girls)

For Technology* and Art.

2nd Apron (for both boys and girls)

For Food Technology.

(*For safety reasons, strong shoes that protect the whole foot must be worn in the workshops)


  • The LCS logo must be visible at all times.
  • No logos or lettering, apart from the LCS logo, are to be visible on clothing.
  • Polo shirts should be worn tucked in when underneath a sweatshirt.
  • Headgear worn for religious reasons, or as protection against the sun during hot weather, must be plain black or plain white.
  • Cord or denim-type materials are not acceptable.
  • Earrings are not allowed, except for one simple, small stud or sleeper per ear.  No other forms of body piercing are allowed.
  • A small cross or crucifix on a thin chain or a lightweight kara is allowed.  One wrist band/bracelet only may be worn on each wrist.  Rings should not be worn.
  • Make-up or nail varnish is not allowed.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable.  This includes the use of bright or unnatural colours, shaved heads, or patterns/lines shaved into hair or eyebrows.
  • Outdoor coats should not be worn in lessons. Scarves must be removed when in the school building.
  • Garments covering the face e.g. veils should not be worn.
  • Outdoor coats and bags must not carry offensive or divisive symbols or slogans.
  • Pupils who cycle to school must wear an appropriate safety helmet.


Trousers should be formal/tailored and cover the whole of the leg, including the ankle (Picture A).  Tight or ‘skinny’ fit trousers and trousers that finish above the ankle (Picture B) are not acceptable for school.

School Dress Code - Acceptable Trousers

Picture A: Acceptable

School Dress Code - Uncceptable Trousers

Picture B: Unacceptable


Skirts should be straight or pleated, knee to mid-calf length, as shown in the pictures below. Tight and/or short skirts are not acceptable.

School Dress Code - Skirts School Dress Code - Skirts



You can find the school E-Safety Policy via Parents > School Rules and Policies > Policies.

As social media becomes increasingly part of our everyday lives, we are wanting to provide information to our pupils and parents. Please find below a useful link that Derby City Council have provided. This gives some very useful information to assist parents in keeping their children safe online.

The NSPCC have provided the following information to help with e-safety.

Childnet and the UK Safer Internet Centre have provided various resources regarding online safety, see below:

The document below discusses Social Media and is provided by UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

The following information has been provided by 'Safe and Sound', an organisation who work to end child sexual exploitation.

This information advises young people and parents on how to use Security/Privacy settings with major Social Network sites; there is also information from CEOP on how to report on-line abuse.

Please also see the website produced by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP):

Further information and advice on Internet Safety can be found in your child's Student Planner.

Exam Information

Information relating to exams can be found on the Exam Information Page.

Free School Transport

Some pupils may be eligible for free transport to and from school.

Parents must apply/renew Home to School Transport Assistance (HtSTA) requests each academic year.

For more information, please see Derby City Council - Schools - Transport.

Fundamental British Values

Information regarding the teaching of fundamental British values can be found in the School Curriculum documentation.

General Safety

The information below is designed to help with general safety of LCS pupils.

The Local NHS have designed an app to help with identifying potential safeguarding issues:



Go4Schools is a website which can be used by LCS staff, pupils and their parents to track pupil progress throughout the school

You can navigate to the Go4Schools site by clicking the folliwing link:

Go4Schools Help

A guide to setting up Go4Schools access can be downloaded below:

Homework at LCS

LCS believes in regular homework to supplement work in lessons.

Homework Letters and Timetables

At the beginning of each year, a letter is sent out to parents of all pupils outlining LCS' policy and guidelines on homework, along with a homework timetable.

Below are copies of the relevant letters and homework timetables for each year group.

Homework Letters

Homework Timetables

Amount and Nature of Homework

Medication in School

Parents are required to complete a consent form to allow medication to be administered in school.

A copy of the form can be downloaded below.

Parental Questionnaire

Parents are asked to fill in a questionnaire when they attend Parents Evenings.

At the end of each academic year, the results are collated. You can download the most recent version below.


Privacy Notices

Copies of the Schools Privacy Notices can be downloaded by clicking the following links.

Pupil Premium

Littleover Community School adheres to the guidelines of The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 in regard to the publishing of specified information.

Information regarding the Pupil Premium can found below:

School Brochure (inc. KS3/KS4 Curriculum & Admission Arrangements)

School Brochure

A copy of the LCS School Brochure can be downloaded by clicking the following link.

School Trips

School Trip Consent Form

If a school trip consent form has been misplaced, you can download a copy below:

School Trips Abroad and Overnight Trips

Various departments are in the process of planning and recruiting pupils for overseas and overnight trips in the next academic year.

We are pleased to be able to offer these trips, but understand that in the current financial climate you may want to give more consideration to whether or not your child should go on one of these trips and you may need more time to put money to one side for it.

Special Educational Needs

At LCS we are fully committed to supporting all pupils including those pupils with Special Educational Needs.

You can download copies of the LCS Special Educational Needs (SEND) documentation below:

Term Dates

Term Dates

A list of Term Dates for the upcoming school years can be downloaded below.

Year 7 Catch-up Premium

The Government allocates extra funding to schools for pupils who achieved below level 4 in Mathematics and/or below level 4 in Reading in the Key Stage 2 assessments.  The purpose of the funding is enable schools to provide extra support and focused tuition in Mathematics and Reading.

Information about how the Catch-up Premium is used at LCS can be found in the document below.

Year 9 Options

In Year 9 pupils must make choices about which subjects they wish to study at Key Stage 4.

Information to aid pupils in making their choices can be found below.

Year 11 - Important Information for Pupils and their Parents

Information Booklet

You can download a booklet full of useful information about Year 11 below:

Year 11 Information Evening

The presentation slides used in the Year 11 Information Evening can be downloaded below:

College and 6th Form Open Evenings

Information regarding upcoming college and sixth form open evenings can be found below.