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Littleover Community School

Welcome to Littleover Community School

LCS Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening 2020

Due to COVID-19, this year's Open Day and Evening events have been made virtual.

Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening

View the LCS Sixth Form Open Evening 2020 presentations.

Dont forget, you can still View the LCS Virtual Open Day 2020 presentations.

Latest News

Update from Mr Wilding - 25th November

Posted 25th November 2020

Update from Mr Wilding - 25th November

Mr Wilding has sent out an update to parents and carers.

To all parents and carers.

Good afternoon from LCS.

We are looking forward to welcoming Year 9 and Year 11 students back tomorrow, after their period of Remote Learning. I would like to thank all students, as well as their parents and carers, for supporting our Remote Learning program over the last 2 weeks. An important reminder that students should not return to school if they are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, regardless of how mild these symptoms may be. Students should also not return if any members of their family have symptoms or are awaiting test results.

We are continuing to have cases of students testing positive for Covid-19 in most Year Groups, which are requiring groups of students to be sent home as close contacts. At present, most of the students testing positive are already self-isolating due to cases in their family, or are leading to small numbers of students being identified as close contacts. If numbers of positive cases continue to increase or there are large numbers being identified as close contacts, however, I cannot guarantee that whole Year Group bubbles will not be asked to work from home in the future. As always, any decision made will primarily be with the health and safety of students and staff in mind.

As we are now 10 weeks into the Autumn Term and with the number of cases of Covid-19 we have had, particularly recently, we are aware that some students have now been asked to self-isolate as close contacts several times. We are looking to put in additional support for these students, particularly if they have been sent home more than twice since September. We cannot predict which students will test positive for Covid-19 and, therefore, do not know who their close contacts will be. We will continue to do what we can, however, for the students most affected.

A reminder that school is closed on Monday 30th November for staff INSET. We are planning some Christmas activities for students in the last 3 weeks of term, details of which will follow in due course. It will be a different end of term than any we have had before, but we will still be marking the festivities in some form.

Finally, we have been contacted by our local Police Safer Neighbourhood team about E-Scooters. I have been asked to share the message below with all parents and carers;

Message from Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Please can you make all students and parents aware of important information regarding E-Scooters. The simple message would be no privately owned E-scooters are allowed to be used ANYWHERE other than on private land that has no general public access and with the landowners permission. We do not wish E scooters to be purchased in good faith by parents under the mistaken belief that they can be used as a road legal form of transport. We also want anyone who owns one to be aware of the rules and not use them outside of what the law allows.

If riders are caught riding one and they end up putting points on their licence (possibly before they actually get it) it could affect their ability to get insurance/mean they can’t start driving.

Below are useful questions and answers that may help explain our message.

Derbyshire Constabulary and e-scooters

Avoid getting confused about the use of e-scooters by staying legal and staying safe. Our officers are engaging with communities to ensure people don’t misuse them.

These questions and answers should help :

I’ve just bought an e-scooter. Can I use it during the Derby Trial E-Scooter Trial?

No. All e-scooters are classed as ‘motor vehicles’ under the Road Traffic Act regardless of whether or not they are part of the trial. All E-scooter riders are subject to traffic legislation, drink and drug drive laws etc.

The crucial difference is that the Government exempted certain legal restrictions to allow the use of hired e-scooters on roads. These e-scooters are provided solely as part of the trial and can only be obtained via the operator for Derby City, a company called WIND. Only e-scooters provided as part of the trial can be used on roads -on a par with pedal cycles. They should stand out as they are painted yellow. E-scooters used in the trial are programmed with both ‘no go’ and ‘go slow’ functionality to help safeguard proper use

Privately owned e-scooters can only be used on private land where there is no public access and permission has been granted by the land owner to do so.

The law is clear in that retailers can sell e-scooters but they cannot be sold for use on the roads, only on private land.

What happens if I use my own e-scooter on the roads anyway?

Simple – the rider risks police action for no driving licence, insurance (£300 fine and 6 penalty points), vehicle not registered/no registration number, construction and use offences to name a few……. so please don’t risk breaking the law and getting points and a fine.

What about e-scooters being used for food deliveries around the City -is this allowed?

No. The same legal restrictions for private e- scooter use apply. The riders risk committing offences simply by using private scooters on roads.

What about buying my child an e-scooter so they can travel to and from school?

Don’t. Not only is there the road safety risk, doing so could mean the rider is stopped by police and unknowingly commits offences and risks penalty points either on their current licence if they have one or future licence when they obtain one. The only way a privately e-scooter can be used is on private land and then no driving documents are required. Many e-scooters have a maximum speed of 15.5 mph or more in some cases which can put other road users at risk particularly pedestrians.

How will Derbyshire Constabulary deal with e-scooter riders?

Police officers will be engage in improving awareness but e-scooter riders who knowing or persistently break the law will be dealt with appropriately.

Where do I find out more information?

Check out the Derby City Council Website or the Gov.Uk Website. Know the law before purchasing or using one.

Thank you, as always for your continued support. Keep safe.

J. Wilding
Acting Headteacher

Job Vacancy: Teaching Assitant (English, Maternity Cover)

Posted 25th November 2020

Job Vacancy: Teaching Assitant (English, Maternity Cover)

LCS has a vacancy for the position of: Teaching Assistant (English, Maternity Cover).

For more information please see the Job Vacancies Page.

Summer GCSE/A-level Exam Timetables

Posted 23rd November 2020

Summer GCSE/A-level Exam Timetables

The timetables for the GCSE and A-level exams in Summer 2021 are now available to download.

You can download a copy from the Exams page.

Update from Mr Wilding - 19th November

Posted 19th November 2020

Update from Mr Wilding - 19th November

Mr Wilding has sent out an update to parents and carers.

To all parents and carers.

Good afternoon from LCS.

There are a few important items in my update today, which I hope you will all find useful.

Firstly, I would like to thank all parents and carers for their feedback on our Remote Learning programme. I have received emails from a large number of people and all feedback has been gratefully received. We have adapted our programme throughout the week and have learned lessons ourselves for how we would do things differently if/when we are in the same position again. Overall, we are happy with how our remote lessons have gone so far and with the vast majority of students who have engaged in a positive manner.

7RMF are due to return to school from their period of Remote Learning on Monday, followed by Year 9 and Year 11 on Thursday 26th November. Please remember that these dates for students to return are only if they are well and not displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.  If your child is symptomatic, no matter how mild the symptoms may be, or if they are self-isolating due to a subsequent positive case since their period of Remote Learning began, they must not return to school. Please also do not send your child(ren) to school if they or anyone in the family is awaiting test results. This applies to all students at all times, as well as to students returning to school from Remote Learning.

The government have recently published updated guidance for parents and carers around school provision during the Covid-19 outbreak. The link to this guidance is below:


On a separate matter, we have started our run of Parents' Evenings which will take us up to the end of the Autumn Term. We held a very successful remote Year 7 'Settling In' evening with parents/carers and Form Tutors on Tuesday of this week and we have two Parents' Evenings, for Year 13 and Year 11 respectively, scheduled in the next few weeks. For the Year 13 and Year 11 Parents' Evenings we will be using a new system of video calls, using software from SchoolCloud. Parents/carers of students in Year 13 have already received this information and appointments are in the process of being booked. Year 11 parents/carers will receive this very soon and will be able to start booking appointments with teaching staff. This is a totally new way of running Parents' Evenings for us, but we are excited about using the system for the first time and I hope it will be well received by parents and carers.

In my last update I promised a link to our recent parent/carer and student survey results. These can be found on our website, at the link below:


Finally, the letter below outlines support available to families through the Christmas period. This letter comes jointly from ourselves and Derby City Council and is aimed at families not already claiming Free School Meals for their children; see below:

Dear Parent/Carer

Derby City Council recognises that there has been a lot of discussion around the provision of Free School Meals during the school holidays. Locally, we see the need to provide both a short-term solution for the impending Christmas holiday as well a longer-term solution that helps address the root causes of the difficulties faced by families in Derby.  

The Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance, which is a collective of organisations working with Community Action Derby, aims to help people break out of the cycle of food insecurity and have provided support in Derby during the time of COVID 19. 

In partnership with Derby City Council, they are offering an opportunity for you to access a Christmas top-up package which provides a mixture of nutritional food, as well as some of the traditional treats for your children to enjoy at Christmas. You will also receive some information which highlights how you can access support available to you within the City throughout the year. 

Please be aware that this is a top-up package and it is not intended to provide items for the entire two-week period, but as an ‘add on’ to help supplement what you can manage to purchase yourself. 

To receive this package, you will need to contact Mrs Love at Littleover Community School. Please send Mrs Love your name, your child’s name, home address and contact details no later than Friday, 4 December via our Wisepay email address which is Wisepay@littleover.derby.sch.uk. By providing your personal details you are agreeing for school to share this information with Derby City Council and Food 4 Thought Alliance. 

Your child must not already be receiving Free School Meals to apply for this ‘top up’ package.  

If your child has any special dietary requirements, it would be helpful for you to inform us. The items will be delivered to your home address by the Food 4 Thought Alliance volunteers. 

We understand the difficulties that COVID 19 has challenged us with this year and therefore urge you to reach out if you require support and not suffer in silence. In spite of these exceptional circumstances, we feel that all families deserve to have a good Christmas.  

If you have any questions with regards to this support offer then please feel free to contact Mrs Love via email usingWisepay@littleover.derby.sch.uk or telephone 01332 513219

If you wish to access this support, please follow the instructions contained within the letter. A downloadable copy can be found under Parents > Communications > Letters Home

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. I am always happy to hear from anyone with comments about the school, positive or otherwise, and would again encourage anyone to email me if they would like to do so. I will do my best to respond to every message I receive.

Thank you. Keep safe.

J. Wilding
Acting Headteacher

Parent and Student Survey Results

Posted 13th November 2020

Parent and Student Survey Results

The results of the recent LCS Student and Parent/Carer surveys are now available.

You can find them at Parents > Communications > Parental Surveys.

GCSE and A-level Certificate Collection

Posted 12th November 2020

GCSE and A-level Certificate Collection

Due to Covid restrictions, 2020 GCSE and A-level exam certificates this year will not be able to be collected via our usual Reunion/presentation evenings and must be collected from school at specific times.

Collection days for ex-students of LCS are as follows:

  • 16th November - 20th November - Surnames A-M
  • 23rd November - 27th November - Surnames N-Z

1pm – 4.30pm daily.

Please bring photo identification with you.

Update 20th November: Further Maths Certificates have now arrived and are ready for collection.

Note: Students in LCS Sixth Form will receive their certificates in school.

About LCS

Mr Wilding - LCS Acting Headteacher

Welcome to Littleover Community School. I am lucky enough to have worked at the school since September 2000 and I am delighted to have been asked by Governors to take the role of Acting Headteacher from January 2020 until July 2021.

We are a large comprehensive secondary school, located to the south west of the City of Derby, close to the main transport routes of the A38 and A50. We pride ourselves on the excellent teaching we provide for all our students, as well as the care and support all students receive to help them achieve their best.

We are committed to a broad and balanced curriculum and our students have achieved outstanding results at both GCSE and A Level for many years now. We also believe in providing all our students with wider opportunities for learning and developing through their work in the classroom, as well as access to extra-curricular opportunities in sport and performing arts.

I hope you find our website informative and easy to use. We are always happy to receive ideas of how we can improve our service to parents, carers, students and our community and if you have any ideas or questions about anything on our website, or more widely about the school, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like a paper copy of our school brochure, please provide your name and address for a copy to be posted to you.

Littleover Community School.
Learning, Caring, Succeeding.

Mr J. Wilding
Acting Headteacher

School Aims


  • Deliver an excellent quality of teaching which fosters an ethos of lifelong learning.
  • Provide a relevant and accessible curriculum which meets the needs of our diverse community.


  • Develop a caring and supportive environment where everyone feels safe and valued.
  • Cultivate a comprehensive ethos that encourages inclusion.


  • Deliver academic excellence to achieve the highest standards.
  • Celebrate achievement in all its forms within and beyond the curriculum.

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