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Littleover Community School

Welcome to Littleover Community School

Year 6 Induction Information

Year 6 Induction

Information related to the Year 6 Induction Process can be found on our Induction Page.

Latest News

Mrs Middleton's Bench

Posted 20th May 2024

Mrs Middleton's Bench

On Friday 17th May, Mrs Middleton's husband, daughters and sister visited school to officially open our new bench, funded by student and parent/carer donations from our Christmas Jumper Day in December. The bench has been sited close to Mrs Middleton's classroom, in L3.

Mrs Middleton's family have asked me to pass on their gratitude to any students, parents and carers who made a donation towards the bench, in memory of Mrs Middleton.

The area where the bench is sited is designed to be used by students and staff, during break and lunch times.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this project happen.

J. Wilding

Update from Mr Wilding - 9th May 2024

Posted 9th May 2024

Update from Mr Wilding - 9th May 2024

Mr Wilding has sent an update to parents and carers regarding exams, attendance guidance, social media use and the PE kit colour changes starting in September.

To all parents/carers

Good afternoon, from LCS

I hope my latest update finds you well and enjoying the improved weather. I have a few important updates and notices for you again today, which I hope you will find useful.


Our Year 11 and Year 13 students have already started their formal A Level and GCSE exams in several subjects. From today, the main period of GCSE and A Level exams will begin, and will continue until mid-June. All students in Year 11 and Year 13 have been informed of the dates and times of their exams, as well as arrangements for Study Leave and Revision Lessons.

I am sure you will join me in wishing all our students the best of luck in their exams.

Attendance guidance changes

In one of my previous email updates, I mentioned national changes to school attendance guidance, which will be coming into force from September 2024.
From September, fines charged to parents for unauthorised school absence will rise from £60 to £80, or £160 if not paid within 21 days. Schools decide whether to issue fines, but councils administer them. From September, only two fines can be issued to the same parent for the same child within a three-year rolling period. Any second notice will automatically be charged at £160. New "notices to improve" will also be the "final opportunity for a parent to engage in support and improve attendance before a penalty notice is issued".

The second significant change will be that, from September, schools will have to consider a fine if a student misses 10 sessions (half days) of unauthorised absence in a rolling period of 10 school weeks. The threshold can be met with "any combination of unauthorised absence". For example, four sessions in term time plus six instances of arriving late, after the register has closed. The period of 10 weeks can also span "different terms or school years". Councils will "retain the discretion to issue one before the threshold is met". This could include where parents "are deliberately avoiding the national threshold by taking several term time holidays below threshold, or for repeated absence for birthdays or other family events".

To help families with planning of holidays, LCS term dates are always published well in advance and can be found on our school website at the link below:

This information has recently been updated, to include dates of INSET Days for the next academic year. For the remainder of this school year, our May half-term holiday is from Monday 27th to Friday 31st May and Summer Term ends on Tuesday 23rd July.

Any request for authorised leave from parents/carers must be made in writing, as per our school Attendance Policy. Authorisation will only be granted in 'exceptional circumstances', meaning that any leave could clearly not have been taken at any other time, including during school holidays.

Social media

Students' use of social media continues to be a significant issue in school, in particular with students in Years 7, Year 8 and Year 9, where it continues to be a regular factor in issues of abusive language and/or bullying. Incidents we are dealing with include abusive messages being posted on social media sites, as well as inappropriate or insulting images. I would respectfully continue to ask parents/carers who choose to allow their children access to social media apps to monitor their use of these, to help us reduce the number of issues we then have to deal with in school and the number of students involved.

Important safeguarding information, including parental safety guides to all the major social media sites, can be found on our school website at the link below:

PE colours – reminder

In a previous update, I informed parents/carers of changes to our PE colours, with effect from start of Autumn Term, in September. The colour of our PE shorts/PE trousers will change from Blue to Black, from the start of Autumn Term.

As these items do not need to carry the school logo, they can be purchased from various outlets, at a relatively low price.

No other aspects of school uniform are changing in September, and students can continue to wear the current PE tops/T shirts, as these are already in the Red/Black colours, in line with our school logo.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our school, our students and our staff. I plan to send another update soon, hopefully just before the half-term holiday.

Keep safe.

J. Wilding

Job Vacancy: Teaching Assistant

Posted 9th May 2024

Job Vacancy: Teaching Assistant

LCS has a vacancy for the position of: Teaching Assistant.

For more information please see the Job Vacancies Page.

Year 6 Induction Information 2024

Posted 30th April 2024

Year 6 Induction Information 2024

Parents and carers of Year 6 students starting at LCS in September have been sent information relating to the induction process.

We have made much of the information in the letter available online. Along with the details of the induction process for parents and carers, there are various videos and a virtual tour to help students familiarise themselves with the LCS Staff and school site.

You can find the information under Parents & Carers > Induction Process.

Sixth Form - End of Term Information Letters

Posted 26th April 2024

Sixth Form - End of Term Information Letters

Information regarding end of term arrangements for Sixth Form students is now available to download.

The information covers exams, study leave, book returns, reports and various other activities.

For more information please see the Sixth Form > Letters Home page.

Year 7-9 School Exam Timetables - Summer 2024

Posted 23rd April 2024

Year 7-9 School Exam Timetables - Summer 2024

Timetables for the Year 7,8 and 9 Exams in May and June are now available to download.

You can download the timetables from the Exams > Exams Information.

About LCS

Mr Wilding - LCS Acting Headteacher

Welcome to Littleover Community School.

I am lucky enough to have worked at the school since September 2000 and, in January 2020, was asked by Governors to take on the role of Acting Headteacher.  Having now been confirmed as permanent Headteacher in March 2021, I will continue to do everything I can to make LCS the best school it can possibly be, whilst maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all our young people.

We are a large comprehensive secondary school, located to the south west of the City of Derby, close to the main transport routes of the A38 and A50. We pride ourselves on the excellent teaching we provide for all our students, as well as the care and support all students receive to help them achieve their best.

We are committed to a broad and balanced curriculum and our students have achieved outstanding results at both GCSE and A Level for many years now. We also believe in providing all our students with wider opportunities for learning and developing through their work in the classroom, as well as access to extra-curricular opportunities in sport and performing arts.

I hope you find our website informative and easy to use.  We are always happy to receive ideas of how we can improve our service to parents, carers, students and our community. 

If you have any ideas or questions about anything on our website, or more widely about the school, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you would like a paper copy of our school brochure or paper copies of any of the information contained on our website, these are also available, free of charge.

Littleover Community School.
Learning, Caring, Succeeding.

Mr J. Wilding

School Aims


  • Deliver an excellent quality of teaching which fosters an ethos of lifelong learning.
  • Provide a relevant and accessible curriculum which meets the needs of our diverse community.


  • Develop a caring and supportive environment where everyone feels safe and valued.
  • Cultivate a comprehensive ethos that encourages inclusion.


  • Deliver academic excellence to achieve the highest standards.
  • Celebrate achievement in all its forms within and beyond the curriculum.

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  • Mon 13th May - Mon 27th May 2024
    Year 9 Exams (Eng, Maths, Sci) between exams over two weeks
  • Thu 23rd May 2024
    Year 12 Next Steps Day
  • Thu 23rd May 2024
    Year 10 Food Practical (MOCK)
  • Fri 24th May 2024
    Year 10 Reports Issued
  • Mon 27th May 2024
  • Tue 28th May - Fri 31st May 2024
  • Tue 4th Jun 2024
    Year 10 Burbage Geography Trip
  • Wed 5th Jun 2024
    Governors’ Meeting 6.45pm
  • Wed 5th Jun 2024
    Year 10 Burbage Geography Trip
  • Wed 5th Jun 2024
    Year 10 Food Practical (MOCK)
  • Thu 6th Jun 2024
    Year 10 Burbage Geography Trip
  • Thu 6th Jun 2024
    Under 15 County Rounders Tournament at Lady Manners 12.30pm
  • Fri 7th Jun 2024
    Year 12 Driver Safety Day
  • Mon 10th Jun 2024
    Year 9 & 10 Field Events (P5)
  • Mon 10th Jun - Mon 24th Jun 2024
    Year 7/8 Exams over next two weeks between exams (Eng, Maths, Sci in Sports Hall)
  • Fri 14th Jun 2024
    Year 7 & 8 Field Events (P5)
  • Mon 17th Jun - Tue 18th Jun 2024
    Eid al-Adha
  • Tue 18th Jun 2024
    Year 10/12 Art Trip TBC
  • Wed 19th Jun 2024
    Sports Day
  • Thu 20th Jun 2024
    Under 14 County Rounders Tournament at Littleover 2.15pm

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