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Littleover Community School

LCS Alumni

At LCS we are building an Alumni Community. This helps us to create a network of former students, who over the years, may be able to offer support to the school as role models, e-mentors, work experience providers or volunteers in many different aspects of school life.

We will be getting all of our leavers to sign up, so that they can stay connected and hear about opportunities to get involved in school. We can also offer them support with their own careers and allow them to have the chance to help us in the future.

We also want to sign up former students who will have a range of educational and career pathways and will have experiences to share with our students, this will benefit us all in school.

Sign-up to our Alumni Group

LCS Alumni Registration Form

Your details cannot be seen by anyone but the school administrator of our Alumni Community.

We hope this network will benefit both yourselves as ex-students and the current and future students of LCS

Thank you