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Littleover Community School

LCS 6th Form: Information for Students

This page details information relevant to LCS sixth form students.


We expect 95% + attendance from every student.

We also expect students to be punctual to registration and to lessons.

This level of attendance is necessary to ensure students achieve their full potential in their AS and A levels

Absence Notification

If you know you are going to be absent, you must hand in a notification form at least 2 days in advance.

Cars and Parking

If students wish to drive their own cars to school they can request a car parking permit from Mrs Goodman. This permit will entitle students to park in one of the allocated 6th form parking spaces in the main car park. Students must adhere to the terms and conditions of the permit and must always have the permit displayed clearly.

Any students who do not have a permit must park responsibly away from the site and please remember to be considerate in the manner that you park and towards our neighbours.

Dress Code

When you enrol you will receive your copy of the LCS Sixth Form contract, which you will need to read carefully, sign and return in September. In the meantime we think the following information will help all of us to make a smooth start.

Students in the sixth form should be seen as role models by younger students and therefore it is important that they present themselves well. We expect all sixth form students to follow the principles of ‘smart business dress’ when in school. Lanyards with I.D. badges MUST be worn at all times and we expect boys to wear a tie at all times.

For guidance, the following items are NOT considered to be "smart business dress":

  • Baggy or loose knit jumpers; cardigans and sweatshirts (smart V necked jumpers are preferred)
  • Jeans/denim/leather clothing or similar
  • T shirts (including long sleeve t-shirt style tops) or strappy tops
  • See through tops (unless a camisole top is worn underneath)
  • Inappropriately tight trousers or leggings
  • Inappropriately short skirts or dresses (skirts should be close to knee length and should not be so tight that they ride up)
  • Facial piercings (stud earrings are permitted but there should be no more than 2 small studs in each ear) We also allow one small and discreet nose stud but no rings or other facial piercings.
  • Trainers/canvas shoes or Doc Marten style/heavy boots
  • Bright coloured shoes (stick to plain, dark colours)
  • Unnaturally coloured hair or patterned/extreme hair styles

This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of items that are not permitted and the final decision on what is and is not ‘smart business dress’ will lie with Mr Archer. Students who are deemed not to be dressed appropriately may be sent home to change.  Any breaches of the dress code will be recorded as a negative point on Go4Schools.

To avoid any potential issues with interpretation of the dress code you could ‘play safe’ by following these guidelines:

Female Students

  • Smart and dark coloured (black, grey, dark blue) ‘suit style’ trousers or skirt that is close to knee length (within 5cm)
  • A shirt/blouse (white, grey, blue and either plain or with a simple design such as stripes).  This should have collars and sleeves that cover the shoulders.
  • A smart v neck jumper or suit style jacket/blazer
  • Formal black or brown leather shoes (not high-heels or boots)
  • No facial piercings
  • Natural hair colour

Male Students

  • Smart and dark coloured (black, grey, dark blue) ‘suit style’ trousers
  • A shirt (white, grey, blue and either plain or with a simple design such as stripes)
  • A tie
  • A smart v neck jumper or suit style jacket/blazer
  • Formal leather shoes (black or brown) – not boots
  • No facial piercings
  • Natural hair colour

Students should also be aware of the following:

  • Outdoor clothing such as coats, scarves, gloves and hats should be removed once inside
  • Students can wear one small earring per ear.
  • Workshops and Cookery classrooms do not allow sandals/open shoes.

Health and Safety

For the health, safety and comfort of all students the following will apply:

  • Food and drink will be available from a server in the common rooms at break and lunch time.  This must not be taken into the study rooms, and all litter must be placed in the bins provided.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere on site. No alcohol or drugs are to be brought onto the site.
  • No knives, firearms or other dangerous weapons are to be brought onto the site

Post-16 Bursary

The 16-19 Bursary Fund helps 16 to 19-year-olds continue in education, where they might otherwise struggle for financial reasons.

This section is currently under review, please contact sixthform@littleover.derby.sch.uk.

Rewards and Sanctions

LCS 6th Form has high expectations of its students and the following policy is designed to promote and support the type of conduct and behaviour that we feel is appropriate for 6th Form students.

Student Union Card Application

LCS 6th form students are eligible to apply for membership of the National Union of Students. Click the link below to sign up.

Use of the Facilities

  • LCS 6th Form students will have use of the Common Rooms and the Study Rooms from 8.00am until 5.30pm.
  • These facilities are for the use of LCS Sixth Form students, no students from other institutions or other years are permitted.
  • Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, iPods etc can be used in the common room and in the study rooms only, provided that their use does not interfere with yours and other people’s studying. Sixth form students seen listening to devices around the site or who have headphones visible may have the device and headphones confiscated. Mobile phones should be switched off at all other times.

    Usage of any electronic devices during a lesson will be at the discretion of the subject teacher.

    As is the situation in lower school, confiscated devices will be locked away and parents will be asked to collect them from members of the 6th Form team. They will not be returned directly to the students.
  • Students are responsible for the safety of any mobile phones, personal stereos, MP3 Players, iPods etc. Littleover Community School accepts no responsibility for the loss of such items
  • Use of the table football game, playing cards etc is strictly only permitted before and after school and during breaks and lunchtime – NOT during private study/’free’ lessons. Gambling is NOT permitted

Induction 2020

The documents below are guides and exercises to help students prepare for their subjects in September.