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Littleover Community School

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Job Vacancy: Community Sports Assistant

Posted 4th November 2022

Job Vacancy: Community Sports Assistant

LCS has a vacancy for the position of: Community Sports Assistant.

For more information please see the Job Vacancies Page.

Significant Disruption on Pastures Hill

Posted 2nd November 2022

Mr Wilding has issued an update to parents and carers regarding the works currently being undertaken on Pastures Hill.

To all parents and carers, 

Good morning, from LCS.

Yesterday afternoon, myself and our School Operations Manager met with representatives from the company currently working on Pastures Hill.

The pavement directly outside the main school entrance at Pastures Hill will remain closed for the next 2-3 days, however, at that point, works will move along the road in the direction of Littleover Village.

This work on Pastures Hill will likely cause significant disruption in the area, which will impact on students arriving and leaving the school site.

Temporary walkways will be in place during closure of pavements and Temporary Traffic Lights will also be in operation, to restrict traffic flow during busy periods.

There will be no parking or stopping allowed in the area where works will be taking place.

These works will be ongoing until the end of November.

I would respectfully ask parents/carers who usually travel to school along Pastures Hill from the direction of Littleover Village to seek alternative routes to school over the next 3-4 weeks, due to the significant disruption to traffic and pedestrians these works are likely to create.

If you cannot use an alternative travel route, please do not drop/collect students from outside the Pastures Hill entrance and allow extra time for your journey.

I will be speaking to all students on Friday morning to inform them of the situation and to ask for their cooperation.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

J Wilding

Update from Mr. Wilding - 21st October 2022

Posted 21st October 2022

Mr Wilding has issued an update to parents and carers regarding the recent LCS OFSTED inspection, GCSE and A-level exam dates and Parent governor elections.

To all parents and carers, 

Good morning, from LCS.

As we begin our much deserved half-term holiday, I would like to thank all students, staff, parents/carers and our wider school community for your collective support throughout our OFSTED inspection this week. The school Governors and Senior Leadership Team have been made aware of the Inspection Team's provisional findings, but these are confidential and cannot be shared at this stage.

The full OFSTED Report will be published within 30 working days, at which point it will be made available to all, via our school website. At that time, I will also issue a summary of the findings of the inspection, as well as our response to the Inspection Report.

There are just two further issues I would like to draw your attention to in my update today:

Important information to all parents/carers of students in Year 11 and Year 13

We are still waiting for the confirmed exam timetables from the exam boards for the June 2023 Examinations. Once they are confirmed, the timetables will be published on the school website.

The following information has been made clear by the exam boards:

"It is a requirement of the exam boards that all candidates (GCSE and A-Level) need to remain available until after 28th June 2023, in case they need to sit any contingency exams."

On this basis, I would respectfully advise parents/carers of current Year 11 and Year 13 students considering booking holidays for summer 2023, to book these for after 28th June.

Further information on exams for 2023 will be passed on, as soon as we have it.

Parent Governor Election

All students should have received a letter and voting slip this week, for our Parent Governor Election.

  • Information contained in the letter is as follows:
  • You may vote for one candidate only.
  • You should:
  • Read the Candidate Statements attached to this letter.
  • Mark an X alongside the candidate's name you wish to vote for. Do not mark the ballot paper in any other way.
  • Insert the completed Ballot Paper in the unmarked envelope and seal it.
  • Insert the unmarked envelope containing the ballot paper into the second envelope. On the front of this second envelope, please write your name and the name and Form Group of your child. These details will be checked against school records of parents/carers eligible to vote.
  • Return your Ballot Paper to Reception, or via your child to one of the Ballot Boxes located in each Head of Year Office. There will be an additional Ballot Box, also, located in the Student Services office.

The use of two envelopes ensures that your vote remains confidential. The details written on the second envelope will be shredded once checked against the list of eligible voters.

The process entitles each Parent/Carer to one vote each, regardless of how many children you have in school.

If you have any queries about this process, please contact one of our Reception team, or email me personally via the admin@littleover.derby.sch.uk email address.

Deadline for votes will be Monday 31st October 2022

We look forward to welcoming students back for the start of next half-term, on Monday 31st October.

Keep safe. 

J Wilding

LCS Sixth Form Open Evening - Thursday 20th October

Posted 14th October 2022

LCS Sixth Form Open Evening - Thursday 20th October

The LCS Sixth Form Open Evening 2022 will be held on Thursday 20th October from 5.45pm to 8pm.

There will be 2 identical presentations to students and their parents/carers beginning at 5.45pm and 6.30pm respectively as well as various stalls and information displays throughout the evening.

Further information, including the opportunity for a school tour on an alternative date, can be found on the Sixth Form Open Evening page.

We hope you find the Open Evening both interesting and informative and look forward to seeing you there.


Parent/Carer Survey

Posted 13th October 2022

A brief survey has been emailed to all LCS Parents and Carers.

To all parents and carers, 

As mentioned in my update from earlier this week, a link to our Parent/Carer survey has been emailed to all parents/carers this afternoon.

Please consider responding to this survey by clicking the link and offering your answers and comments; it is a brief survey and will not take you long to complete. Please complete this survey once only.

Once completed, please submit your responses by 4pm on Monday 17th October.

All responses will be considered and results will be shared with all parents and carers, later in the Autumn Term.

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to complete this survey and for your ongoing support of the school.

Keep safe. 

J Wilding

Update from Mr. Wilding - 10th October 2022

Posted 10th October 2022

Mr Wilding has issued an update to parents and carers regarding the LCS Open Evening, Parent/Carer Survey, the School Mural and Important Dates.

To all parents and carers, 

Good afternoon, from LCS. 

I have just a few brief, but important updates in my update to parents and carers today. 

Open Evening 

A reminder that our Open Evening is this Thursday 13th October. Further details of this event can be found on our website and social media pages. 

As previously requested, if you are visiting us on Thursday evening and can walk to school, rather than travelling by car, please do so, as car parking on site will be extremely limited. 

Parent/Carer Survey 

To coincide with our Open Evening, a Parent/Carer Survey will be emailed to all parents and carers, to collect your views on the school. A link to the survey, which will be completed through a Microsoft Form, will be emailed to all parents and carers, with a closing date of 4pm on Monday 17th October. 

Please look out for the email containing the link to complete the survey, which will be sent out later this week. 

School Mural 

You will have hopefully seen some of the coverage on social media of the official opening of our school Mural, which took place last week. 
This has been a fantastic project, completed in conjunction with The University of Derby and S.H.E.D. 

For more information on the project, please go to the S.H.E.D website, at the link below: 

Important Dates

A reminder to all students, parents and carers that the last day of half-term for students will be Thursday 20th October, as Friday 21st October is an INSET Day for staff. Students return after the holiday on Monday 31st October

Thank you for your continued support. 

Keep safe. 

J Wilding

LCS Open Evening - Thursday 13th October

Posted 10th October 2022

The LCS Open Evening 2022 will be held on Thursday 13th October from 5.00pm to 7.30pm.

There will be 2 identical 30 minute presentations to prospective new parents/carers of students for September 2023 admission beginning at 5.00pm and 7.00pm respectively.

From 5.30pm to 7.00pm there will be a variety of activities and classroom-based displays to view.

As previously requested, we would politely ask visitors to walk to school, if possible, for our Open Evening due to the very limited car parking available on site. 

Time Event
5.00pm-5.30pm 30 minute presentation for parents and carers of prospective September 2023 students.
5.30pm-7.00pm Activites and classroom-based displays around school
7.00pm-7.30pm 30 minute presentation for parents and carers of prospective September 2023 students.
(This is identical to the 5.00pm presentation)

School Mural Opening

Posted 5th October 2022

School Mural Opening

On Tuesday 4th October, we officially ‘opened’ the School Mural which was a product of an exciting partnership between the school and Derby University through S.H.E.D. 

The School Mural is aptly located at the very centre of our school and dynamically portrays the very culture and identity of who we are, and our aims of Learning, Caring and Succeeding. It has resulted from numerous workshops, discussions and questionnaires seeking to capture your perceptions of the school and the image being developed.

It certainly is an incredible mural and we would like to thank Dr Rhiannon Jones and S.H.E.D., lead artist Adoniah Haslam, and other support artists, who have tirelessly given of their time.

To find out further information, please use the link below which will take you to the brochure and information regarding the development of the School Mural.

LCS Mural Opening

LCS Student Council and staff, S.H.E.D. representatives, University of Derby representatives, Adoniah Haslam (Lead Artist) and family…

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